Eating Levi is a documentary about Levi Oliver, the world's first officially sanctioned "Tamale Eating Champion" and his relentless quest to defend his title.

In 2005, the International Federation of Competitive Eating, the "governing body of all stomach-centric sports," held its first tamale eating contest in Lewisville, Texas. Budding professional eater and Austinite Levi Oliver shocked the eating world by eating 36 tamales in 12.5 minutes and taking the title. This win shot Levi into the top ranks of the professional eating world and gained him instant celebrity. One year later, Levi is faced with the arduous task of defending his crown.

With rare appearances by IFOCE founder George Shea, renown competitive eating journalist Gersh Kuntzman and a number professional eaters including Tim "Eater X" Janus, we get a unique look into the quirky world of competitive eating. Their candid views detail an "athletic" sub-culture where eating the most, the fastest makes you a vaunted athlete. Levi is submersed in this world and will seemingly do anything to remain a ranked eater. Levi's endeavors include everything from "training" by downing a half dozen hot dogs in less than 2 minutes to training for a triathlon to be a faster eater.

In the end, Eating Levi is funny and poignant exploration of one man's intense desire for fame and recognition and his attempt to realize those desires in the world of competitive eating.

The film is directed by first-time filmmaker Gregory Kallenberg. Kallenberg's past experience comes from a writing background in print and television journalism.

Mark Bullard is the editor of the documentary. Mark edited the celebrated music documentary "Lubbock Lights."

The music in the film is composed by a number of awesome Austin bands. Please check out One Mississippi at and The Addictions at

The film is being funded by Picket Fence Productions. We are currently seeking festival appearances and distribution. For more information or questions feel free to call 512.751.9000 or E-mail Gregory Kallenberg at